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  • Hey just a quick question. Great mk6. I was wondering what paint you used for the flat black and satin clear on the honeycomb grille? Was going to do gloss black but the way you did it or had it done looks amazing. Any sanding down before painting?
    Hey, friend, i just buy a 35ed bumper cover,and it has on the road.
    But i don't know auto parking sensor hole's bracket size,*not the OPS.
    Do you know that size?
    Hey guys, I am very interested in answering any questions. If you have one, please DO NOT use a visitor message! Use a Private Message or post in my build journal.

    These Visitor Messages dont come to my inbox and I miss them.

    Hey brother. You did your set up with 3/8" lines. Im deployed right now out of gulfport MS and im trying to get most of the stuff ill need ordered for when i get home. Can you give me any links to good places to order from? also were there any parts particular that were a pita to get in 3/8 npt... finding a tank that suits what im looking for has been a pita already. I think i have my mind made up running a forged aluminum tank little less than twice the tank cost for 5 gallons but its only 5" tall.... have a message sent to the company to see if they can do custom leggs on it as well to hopefully drop another 1/2"-1" on overall height...

    Anygood info would be awesome i have read most of airride thread on here and most on vwvortex so i have a good idea but not everyone is willing to post all the learning curve items they have had to deal with.

    Thanks for your time and any info.
    Any issues with the drop and Xenon with auto-leveling? Anything to look out for or things to do with the sensor?

    hey man your local so i was just wondering if you know anyone selling black 18x8.5 vmrs, I prefer vmr 710s or vmr vb3s with tires, so just let me know man. I would appreciate it!
    hey, saw u were selling your wheels/tires, any chance u would be willing to sell two tires, if you are how is the tread on them?/pictures
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