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    I saw you posted in the DSG information and upgrade thread.
    Can you please help me with this information?
    DO you know if the DSG used for VW MK7 2015 GTI 2.0T TSI is the 02E DQ250 DSG 6 speed transmission with the wet clutch?

    The DMF of my DSG transmission of my MK5 Jetta tdi 2006 went out and broke the bell housing side that attaches to the engine.

    I found a DSG bell housing from a VW MK7 2015 GTI 2.0T TSI: I want to make sure that both cars use the same 02E DQ250 DSG 6 speed transmission with the wet clutch.

    If yes, is the clutch pack also the same between these 2 cars?

    I am pretty sure the gear ratios are different, but I am planning to use just the transmission housing side and the clutch pack of the MK7 2015 GTI to put in my MK5 2006.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.
    hey man quick it ok to run a donwpipe on stage 1 for a week or so til stage 2 can be relfashed or would it harm the car...i got unitronic downpipe but i was just curious
    I was trying to find your post (at least i believe it was yours) about your intake mods and how the stock with the snow blocker removal/filter/and turbo inlet pipe is just as good, but can't find it. Either way thank you for the suggestion lol. I removed the snow blocker and put a k&n drop in today, and man does it sound better. I wont ever ride an open intake because of living in miami, really no use for it with these temps. but this is just as good. keep the post comin!
    Hey Goingnowherefast, I always appreciate your feedback/advice. What tunes and upgrades are you running in your GTI and why? Also are you using the Sachs SRE? Thanks man
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