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    Window tint question

    x2. also idk if it's still an issue, havent been on here in a looooong time, but i'd skip tinting the sunroof, they used to explode if they kept in too much heat.
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    Anyone running the rotiforms in the picture below

    thanks babe. ? in the 19x8.5+45 I had in the above pic, they were 27lbs without tires.
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    Golf R headlights on LP GTI?

    Aren't the reps only for cars equipped with halogens from factory?
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    Golf R headlights on LP GTI?

    Yes, you will need to at the very least get another LED module for each housing. Depending if the Golf R housings you source are Hella or Valeo you might need new AFS modules too, depends if the brands match between your current lights. You will also need to code the lights, I'm no help here tho.
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    Assuming it's the same as the mk6, you'll need to do a lot of rewiring as well, coding alone isn't going to do it.
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    Halogen Headlight Thread

    Do you go to/travel by FAU at all? Saw a black mk7 with a similar light setup the other day.
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    2011 mk6 tires

    Denvers will clear the brakes. I have a friend with a 7.5 that has Denvers on.. Is it suggested to run them as anything other than a winter setup? Definitely not.
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    being curious : Hood Spacers / Rear Wiper Delete Kit

    hai friend when I took my wiper off on the mk7 I didnt have to code anything, it disable the squirter on my car when the wiper was unplugged. on the mk6 I had to code it off tho. might be different year to year tho knowing vw. 2017 SE here.
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    Eurotripper 7 - Fort Myers, FL - Feb 8, 2020

    Does a bear shit in the woods? jkjk i'll be there, been to every ET show so far
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    With Euro Ex 2020 seemingly cancelled...

    AVF is put on by the same guy that does EuroTripper, so @eurotripper on IG
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    With Euro Ex 2020 seemingly cancelled...

    Alpine VAG Fair in Helen, May 15-17
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    South East Florida Tuesday Night Meet

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    DSG Shift Knobs

    I'm not sure if it's a direct swap, but I don't see why it wouldn't be, but you can always put in an audi knob, there are some that are ball shape, S3 and such.
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    Fake Sunroof wrap.

    if you fake the sunroof you have to fake the peeling clear coat too
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    Low Battery Voltage + DRL Issues?

    Hey all! Haven't posted in a long time but been having some interesting issues lately.. Noticed an inconsistent issue of my passenger side DRL (lighting package, mk7, 2017 SE) going out randomly. It would come back with either a power cycle or making the turn signal go on. This has happened...