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    Are the Golfs going to even compete anymore?

    Weird comparison, a manual B58 Supra is $52.5k compared to a manual R being $44.3k. With a price delta over 8 grand and one being a two door coupe and the other a four door hatchback, we're not even really talking the same class of car here. A X-Drive M340i is somewhat more comparable in terms...
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    Golf 1.8T General Consensus on 09G transmission

    As an aside, during the pandemic I went and bought a '94 NA Miata to finally learn stick on and have something to hoon around in while the world was frozen in place. It cost me ~$4k which is honestly less than what I've sunk into my Mk7 and this piddly little ~100whp matchbox whose only real...
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    Golf 1.8T General Consensus on 09G transmission

    Bolded the most important part. I'm with Zumble here 100%, and I didn't even go anywhere near as far as he did on modifying my 1.8. The cost of labor for the benefits gained won't be worth it in my opinion. For what it's worth, I actually learned how to work on cars with my Golf, and even with...
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    Questioning the wisdom of VWoA killing all US Golfs aside from the GTI and R

    Absolutely agree with this. The golf (Mk7 at least) was comically ahead of just about everything else in the compact economy segment when I cross shopped it with just about everything back in 2016. I've found every other car in VW's lineup to be swing between thoroughly unremarkable to downright...
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    Cobb Accessport?

    Precisely where I'm at. Upgraded to a GTI HPFP with Reflect, no desire now to drop the several extra hundred to jump ship to Cobb. Somewhat whelmed by Reflect's OTS tune with the uprated pump, but I kept ahold of the tuning dongle, and I'll probably go and lock down a full custom tune through...
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    Ukraine - CB1111 Serves Evening Spam on a Platter

    Speaking as primarily a lurker on this thread, I actually appreciate the work cb1 is putting in. It's legitimately a good resource to synthesize current events going on in and around the Ukranian conflict. I don't click through on everything, but it's nice getting up to date snapshots on what's...
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    Jim Lloyd 5/13/1948 till 5/25/2022

    Nothing else to say other than this forum has lost one of its most welcoming and knowledgeable members with Jim's passing. Rest in peace Jim.
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    Nice that sema is offering this, but it's explicitly to help the aftermarket meet 49 state emission compliance without a CARB EO. For us CA folk, this unfortunately doesn't change much.
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    What MK8 Parts Fit On MK7? ShopDAP Checked For Us

    Yeah they definitely aren't all created equal. The two that I felt (2011 Avalon / 2016 IS200T), the former only really came up from the seat cushion while the latter also blew from the backrest. That's pretty important for me in particular since I definitely get some of that sweaty back syndrome...
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    What MK8 Parts Fit On MK7? ShopDAP Checked For Us

    Wonder what it would take to get a Mk8 seat fully swapped into a Mk7. Having finally been able to experience seat cooling, that's a feature I'd very much love to have lol.
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    Ukraine - CB1111 Serves Evening Spam on a Platter

    Interestingly the great limiting factor at the moment is less funding, and more just the inability of industry to supply the quantities requested by Ukraine. We've sent over about a third of our inventory of Javelin's and a quarter of our Stinger's. I know we're all sick and tired of hearing...
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    Manual mode turns off automatically while in D and upshifts

    ~8 seconds sounds about right for what I the transmission does on my TSI at least. Quick little tip, you can actually flick back on the gear selector (like you were going into sport mode) to preemptively swap back to automatic control of the gearbox without having to wait for the automatic...
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    Turbo blankets

    They look cool.
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    Having done the swap twice, I'd say the effort in removing the downpipe pays dividends in additional clearance for working out the water/oil lines and the stud bolts of the tubrocharger itself. Especially with the OEM cat, as the pre-cat really is in the way. Well worth the bit of effort to...