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    SOLD: 2019 VW GTI Rabbit DSG in MI (less than 10k miles)

    Private sale or did you sell it to a online dealer or something?
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    THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2

    Breeden1519 refunded.....PM's sent/replied & list updated in the first post
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    THE Helix Dongle Programming Rental Thread -- Part 2

    boostnonu refunded.....PM's replied & list updated!
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    Helix Dongle Download Direct link/download:
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    2016 Base (Non-DCC) Golf R rides rough

    You can, but it's tight on the front struts.. Just lift the car up and slide the dust boot up on the front (though it's tight with the spring coils there) and down on the rear. You'll need to zip tie the boot back up again on the rear too. Be VERY careful not to cut too deep so you don't...
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    Dealer damaged bumper (opinions?)

    You said in the clear wet sand and buff? I wouldn't want it repainted's a slippery slope there and usually results in worse results and/or doesn't match 100% anymore.
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Haven't gotten to watch it yet, but the new season (last season) of F1: Drive to Survive just dropped on Friday
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    Vas5054a and Dlink Cables to rent?

    It was just a few posts down in the middle of this section...
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    Cleaning instrument cluster

    DO NOT use a brush, any brush