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  • Dan I have sent several messages to you through email explaining myself and they do not seem to be going through, can you send me the next address please?
    Hi snobrdrdan,

    My name is Adam from Maryland. I'm interested in renting the helix programming dongle for my MK7. Is the rental still available? Thanks
    Hey, saw quite a few of your posts in discussions regarding MK7 springs, you seem to be knowledgeable on the subject hence I'm hoping you could answer a questions if you don't mind.

    1) i have a 2016 Golf 1.8TSI, i originally bought some DG springs but sold them as the dropped appeared to be a little too subtle for my liking, I changed my mind and decided to go with VWR instead.

    2)I'm reading some users complain of VWR in terms of ride/comfort, so now I'm considering Emmanuele Design springs

    Just wanted to get your opinions on the ED/VWR debate, any insight would be greatly appreciated, also i'm in Toronto and we don't have the greatest roads either.

    Saw a few posts you made in the DG springs thread. I live in Cincinnati so not real far, especially with Dream Cruise coming up and also travel into Northern Ohio for work occasionally so could probably get to you without a lot of trouble.

    I bought a 16 GTI (no PP, missed order cut-off ). I need some advice on a decent suspension set-up for daily driver with occasional autocross use and 2 -3 track days at Mid-Ohio each year. Thinking sway bars and DG springs may be all I need? Possibly a tune.
    I was wondering how much shipping would cost me for the Austin wheels. My zip code is 20121. Thanks.
    Hey Sno I would like to get the friends and family price on a new GTI. My email is Thanks Jim
    I have a 2013 GTi lowered on Koni CO. Looking at upgrading, would like to have your input.

    Thank you,
    Hey man, how have you been? I just moved to northville so I figured I'd check in and see what's up. Are you still down for doing that timing belt and tune?
    btw dan, didnt know if you still wanted those coils...not sure if I received your response?
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