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    Messed up my rear bumper

    lol same here. Then when she does it in her 2009 beat up Honda Accord when I'm in that with her and I bitch about, lol. She's like, "Remember the last time I was in your car? WE'RE WALKING".
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Deaths After Vaccine Are 'Unrelated Coincidence' According To The CDC

    Well it does in the eyes of people who don't believe in the effectiveness or not. I'm referring to them when I say that. The point being, whether you believe it works or not, put on the damn mask so we can all get back to normal. BTW - This conversation at this point is a few months old now...
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    FINALLY....found something worth the benjamins

    Ah the Lagunas, how I miss those on my Mk6 GTI. They're around 27lbs each though... Similar to the Austins.
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    My friends pissing all over our VWs.....

    This is actually funny. It reminds me of my own buddy. He bought a 2002 base Golf manual with a150k miles on it for 1300 bucks off a kid back in like 2014. Car had all kinds of repairs it needed and he constantly complained about VWs. I was like, dude, you bought a relic for 1300 bucks and think...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Deaths After Vaccine Are 'Unrelated Coincidence' According To The CDC

    Well, I'm mostly referring to the past. I know things are easing up now. Though prior to that, the ones that were crying daily about having to wear a mask made me sick. They actually do. I haven't had a cold/problem, nada since wearing a mask as opposed to feeling all kinds of crappy every...
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Deaths After Vaccine Are 'Unrelated Coincidence' According To The CDC

    While I'm in Off-Topic, I figure I finish with this thread before seeing my way out. All you @$$holes who think you're above the law to not wear a mask and argue this and that, go to hell. Slowing down this country's progress. The less of you, the better off this country will be in the future...
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    Parents Can be Dumb

    Shocking, then I saw it happened in Florida... All jokes aside, this does happen not only in Florida but pretty much anywhere people got money and don't realize what they're buying their kids that just got their license. I recall an older story where the father bought his son a new Subaru...
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    You're going to make me take a screenshot when I get home but I'm pretty sure I have you beat, lol. I'm also past my 30s but grew up gaming and is just part of my generation. I can't imagine I'll ever stop and even at 80 yrs old (if I live up to that), I don't see why I would shun someone...
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    My friends pissing all over our VWs.....

    lol, anything worth enjoying will more than likely have some problems and qwerks. Need to pay to play as they say. Especially when modding ensues. He wants a worry free car? Yeah, pick up a Corolla, Civic, Accord or Camry. Have fun in that.
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    Everbody's second favorite topic...yet another WHICH CLUTCH???

    Is the stock flywheel Okay on this car where alls I would need is a drop-in disc similar to mk6? Just asking as I get mentally prepared for this purchase/install as Stg1 high torque continues to fry my stock clutch daily, lol. On mk6 GTI, you could upgrade to K04 and literally all they...
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    People recommended to put premium gas only for 2017 vw golf 1.8T BUT WHY?

    If the sticker says, Regular Octane only or 87, it means you're completely safe to use that fuel because it was designed/tuned on those fuels. Going beyond what the sticker recommends in my eyes is either a $$$ waster or for your own piece of mind. Yes, it burns cleaner, can be healthier...
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    Looking for a reliable shop in northwest NJ/northeast PA area

    Thanks for those shop drops. I'm curious as well because I'm looking to lower car soon on springs and also do not want to attempt it in my mother's driveway with limited tools... These shops are also like a 15minute drive from me.
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    Immature kids and their BOVs

    Yeeeeees! I totally appreciate these in the long run more than a loud obnoxious car. A loud obnoxious car is either fast (as it's trying to represent with all the sound), or slow and embarrassing when it has all that sound and doesn't move. A quiet car that you can't catch up to? Balls.
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    APR Stage 1 Low Torque (91) or Stage 1 (91) Tune?

    The dealer should just flag the car as Tuned to the buyer and make them sign an agreement regarding that. Something to that effect. If the buyer acknowledges they're buying a Tuned car, it's on them at that point I think. I honestly think, if the buyer test drives the "Tuned" car, they'll want...