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  • $600? Damn, I'd be psyched if I could get a deal around that price. Then I could afford an intake / downpipe as well maybe. And no, I haven't ridden in a chipped GTI yet. I've heard mixed things about noticeability of stage 1 upgrade, but I'm willing to see for myself. Yours is Stage 2 right?
    Yea man, I got mine tuned at H2Oi last year in maryland, free labor + fully loaded ECU for $600.. well worth it. Have you had a chance to ride in a tuned gti yet?
    I figured it had to be. As far as mine goes... nothing yet. I am definitely going to be getting some 18' Detroits for it, and maybe a few minor cosmetics to make it unique. Just not sure yet. Planning on getting at least Stage 1 on it, as I'm going to Waterfest in NJ in July. Hope I can get a deal.
    Yup, that was definitely me. Bruins weren't playing Tuesday night so I was at the BAC in the cumming center. I've seen a couple UG mk6's in Beverly you do anything cosmetic to it yet?
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