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  • I love my custom IC!! Helped a friend install a Magic IC, wasnt hard at all, about 30 mins of trim work involved - but the custom one i had made was MUCH nicer overall, coated black, thick bar and plate design, came with stainless worm clamps and boost tubes that actually FIT extremely well (magic boots, basically the only qualm but for the price a new boot set can be had on the cheap, just dont use the ones that come with the Magic IC).

    Love my intercooler. Install was a breeze, no trimming needed for me. Gared is his name, he owns some aircooled cars and an is38 mk7. EXTREMELY nice dude and pretty dang knowledgeable. all in i think it cost me like $610 shipped with the boots and clamps all included. took him about 3 weeks to build.
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