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  • MIB1 to MIB2.5 upgrade completed, I have "full" functionality, except no sound...I read in the forums this is common, but cannot find the solution. I have a NAR 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL w/Fender, the new Unit "Unlocked" MiB 2.5 Discover Pro 9.2. Could you help with the "no sound" issue? Also, what do I need to get for you to be able connect and help?
    Hi there, I just purchased the parts for a MIB2 upgraded for my 2015 TDI and wanted to reach out to you about removing the CP and installing CarPlay. What's the best way to discuss this with you?
    Telegram -
    Whatsapp - +381653086899
    I've installed a MIB2 module 3Q0 035 844 ON MY 2015 Golf R and the conversion has been completed with component protection released. I do have sound however I have no Bluetooth or Appleplay presently which is due to the need to reinstall FEC's to re enable those functions. Looking to fully enable the 2015 Golf R to 2016 and up with all Appleplay and bluetooth functions.

    Hey man,
    Saw that you can provide SW files for MIB2 High.

    Below is my system, is there any update available?

    HW: H51
    SW: 0814

    Hello dear, I currently retrofit mib1 to mib2 std delphi 3q0035864c p0867 firmware..
    It was with all functions activated before VW dealer wipe out CP.
    I have been researching ways to activate fecs back, I read it has solutions easier than making a new hack on the unit.
    Could you please help me ?
    Hi, I have a Skoda Octavia 2013/2014 with a MIB1 Columbus (5E0035020A) that I want to upgrade to a MIB2 (I can get 5Q0035874C locally).
    Can you do remote CP deactivation and coding to fit a MIB2 to my car?
    What is your price?
    What tools/cables do I need?
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