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    FS: 2017 GTI Sport DSG

    Looks like it's right in the ballpark:
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    FS: 2017 GTI Sport DSG

    Mileage: 22,000 (won't change much since I barely drive much) Color: Tornado Red Includes: Winter wheels & tires (Hankook i*Cept W320 performance winter tires on 17" OEM Audi S4 wheels) Carpet and rubber mats, cargo organizer blocks, cargo net, carpet trunk liner, plus whatever other accessories...
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    VW Badge Origin?

    Those appear to be the same badges that I purchased, from a seller in the UK on Ebay. The black and red bits are separate, They snapped into place easily on the front, and have remained there for 2 years without issue, but the rear one would not stay in place, so I eventually had to secure it...
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    I installed a turbo blanket

    Isn't there a heat shield in the way? I haven't actually done it yet but I did watch a video on Youtube.
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    Aluminum vs Plastic Hub Rings?

    Go with plastic. I've run both on my old car, and there was no difference in driveability. However, the metal rings had to be heated with a torch to remove them, which was annoying since i had to do that every autumn when I put the winter wheels on. If you're not running winter tires, you'll...
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    How old is too old for tires?

    The general rule (from both tire and car companies) is to replace your tires if they're 6 years old, regardless of how much tread is left. Exposure to the elements will probably lead to visible cracking in the tread, but even if you don't see it, the tires will still degrade, even when kept in...
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    Do you do your first oil change early?

    That describes so many things that people do, and reason why our species hasn't progressed further than it has. Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.
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    Do you do your first oil change early?

    Normal driving: I used to work at the proving grounds of a giant multinational automaker, where we tested product durability. Anyone who thinks that their personal driving style comes anywhere close to the sort of testing we would put vehicles through is kidding themselves. Cars are subjected to...
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    Do you do your first oil change early?

    I can pretty much guarantee you that it doesn't. Since the object of the game is to leave as little time as possible for comparison shopping between the first contact and delivery, the sales staff are not going to waste even a minute getting the car back into service to have the maintenance...
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    Convenience open windows - doesn’t work

    Further proof that DSG is faster. *zing*
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    Warranty Work

    I'd be genuinely surprised if the warranty did not cover an alignment as part of a warranty repair which requires removal of both axle shafts, as that would require some suspension disassembly. What's likely going on here is that the warranty clerk (or whoever) at the dealership doesn't know how...
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    Convenience open windows - doesn’t work

    I don't have a sunroof in my car, but one-touch open/close is pretty standard on most cars these days. You may need to re-teach the sunroof what its range of motion should be, as follows: 1)With the sunroof completely closed, hold the open button, wait for it to open completely, and continue to...
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    Costco vs shell gas

    And also a maximum ethanol content.
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    Low oil light??

    If the light comes on and the oil is at the same level it was when you checked it, the sensor is probably at fault. I don't know that it's a common fault, but the oil pressure sensor in mine failed at 1200 miles.
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    Oil change discrepancy

    I had the same experience once, but in a different car. I left it with the front end raised up for a good 45 minutes while I struggled to remove an over-tightened oil filter, which was difficult to reach while laying on my back. When I refilled the oil, it took almost .5qts more than the amount...