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    Power folding mirrors

    Mine ($180 Aliexpress variety) are holding up fine.
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Mine is leaking at 51K miles after having it replaced once already at 30K miles. Trying to figure out if I should worry about my FMIC if I take it in for warranty repair...
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    Just went apr stage 1 + dsg tune

    Quite tempted to get the DSG tune now that the price is more reasonable! It's a great ECU tune, I have the same one in 93 octane flavor.
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    Let's Talk about Window Tint

    If that's how it looks after 2 or 3 days of being installed - fire your installer. Should never look like that.
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    Nearly 70k on OE clutch, Stage 1+; replace clutch now or wait?

    Replace it when it acts like it needs replacing. If you're a bad driver, start saving the cash now.
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    Talk to me like I'm stupid

    Just cut out all your fender wells you stupid moron. (just following your title's orders)
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    APR stage 1 spark plugs

    Stock. If you want to go crazy, gap them at .024"
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    Well, this should light some fires....

    Whew, they still tune Vargas turbos. Nothing really to see here - carry on.
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    Modded parts for sale/Greenville SC

    The M2 has been by far my favorite car driven at the BMW driving school after 4 different visits. It is nearly perfect.
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    What is 0-60 APR Stage 1?

    Horsefeathers. 0-60 as a way to compare cars will never "go away".
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    Are high end Tints worth the price tag?

    Seems a tad high - I paid $480 for it 3 years back here in the middle of SC (4 door GTI).
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    What comes after the GTI?

    Go ahead and order a Kia Telluride, dad.
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    Why can't service centers just change the oil properly?

    How did this thread turn into to an old-fashioned "warranty voided or not" fight!?