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    Front End Friday

    Show us your front ends!
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    Do we have special brakes for auto hold?

    Do we have special brakes that allow for the auto hold feature? I've always been told not to hold onto the brakes at traffic lights etc and use the handbrake instead to avoid warping, overheating, etc. Do the brakes on a car that has auto hold not warp in a similar fashion?
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    Touch up paint - does it work?

    Hi all, Managed to scratch my bumper a tiny bit yesterday with the pressure washer (doh!). As many on here, it's not that bad but OCD...! Is it actually possible to paint over minor scratches and just polish it off? What's the best site to buy the paint from so that it matches perfectly...
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    VW's emission scandal over the TDI engines

    Hi all, just thought I'd make a topic on this issue as it affects people in the US and may affect us across the pond in Europe/UK too in the near future. Basically the diesels are tuned...
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    OEM soundsystem upgrades RETROFITTING prices

    Hi all, Popped into a dealers today and asked if they could retrofit the sound system upgrade into my now one year old mk7. Yes is the answer and they can fit the following: Part: 000051419 (sub fits in spare wheel) for £510 fully fitted Part: 000051419A (sub sits in boot as a long box) for...
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    Tyre/Wheel insurance

    If you claim for a damaged tyre, would they provide two replacements? Or just replaced the damaged tyre alone? Would they replace both sides but count it as two claims? (I get up to 10 claims). Any insight would be good, thanks!
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    Removing carbon fibre door strip

    Has anyone safely removed the long carbon fibre style door trim? Or I think it's silver in SE models. Does it just pop out?
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    Creaking plastic on centre console

    I know there's been a few threads on creaking/rattling noises. I just wanted to know if anyone else's centre console creaks when you push it from side to side? It also makes the same noise if I go over certain bumps on the road. Is there any way to stop it? Does everyone else have the same...
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    How best to look after my TDI?

    Hi, Just after some tips on how to look after my TDI, as at the moment there is no smoke and obviously being nearly new it's generally very healthy. What I have in mind is: - Avoid short runs. - Take on 40-min motorway/A road run once a fortnight if short journeys were done. - Only use...
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    Poor windscreen wipers

    Does anyone else have noisy/imperfect windscreen wipers? I fitted my MK4 with Bosch wipers when I had that and they were completely silent. I would have thought that the wipers that come with a new car should be the best but maybe not? Should I be fitting Bosch to this car too?
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    Winter Tyres

    Driving to Switzerland again in February, by which time there will be snow, and lots of it. Our place is half hour up a mountain road. I'm going to get some winter tyres and some chains. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Should I be buying some cheap steels and mount winter tyres on...
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    Most powerful 2.0 TDI

    What's the most powerful GT 2.0 TDI on here? Has anyone got the 184HP remap? I'm sure 200hp could easily be achieved with some further upgrades too.
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    HELP: Smudges left on paint after insects washed

    I just got back from a 12 day trip around Switzerland. I washed the car extensively and got rid of all the bugs (carefully and using an AutoGlym bug remover, which wasn't very good!). Now I have no bugs on the paint at all, but they have left small smudges around the bonnet, it looks almost...
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    Indicator settings??

    Hi, Is there a way to change the indicators so that if I'm changing lane and just gently push on the indicator stalk it flashes once, or twice, or more depending on the amount of time I push down, rather than it flashing a minimum of three times like it does at the moment? Hope that makes...
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    GT 150 2.0 TDI - Early first service not allowed as part of service plan

    Hi, Just after some advice. I've just bought a mk7 GT TDI 2.0 Golf with 6400 miles on the clock. I have read and heard in various places that it is highly recommended to service the car when you get it to ensure it's running on decent oil etc. I am especially keen to do this as I am going to...