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    Share your best office prank....

    Covered most of a guy's office with fluoro sticky notes while he was on vacation. His reaction when he got back was pretty great.
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    Sunglasses for Driving

    I have had a couple of pairs and love them. Just wish they sold them with Rx lenses, though it doesn't look like Randolph does that either. My next set of "sporty" glasses will be Smith Rx Chromapops. I love the chromapop goggles I've got, so I figure may as well extend that to other things I...
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    Sunglasses for Driving

    American Optical Original Pilot, polarized.
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    PC Building

    FWIW I have the not-ultrawide LG 850 that people go nuts for, 1440p144, and I love it. Bought a ColorSpyder or whatever it's called to dial in the colors and I think it looks great - but I came from a 1080p TN gaming monitor. I did a lot of reading on panel types and everything I read said VA is...
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    Yall over here with the BBQ talk making me want a big ol Texas style smoker 🤤🤤🤤