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    rennwagen diffuser. Free Now I don't really like ecs that much and I really rolled the dice on this but the fit and finish is excellent.
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    rennwagen diffuser. Free

    Didn't fit right, the color didn't match, the texture didn't match. There is a gap about 3/4 of an inch between it and the rear bumper. The whole mounting system was not though out. Honestly I replaced it with the cheap ecs valence and Its 1000 times better in fit, finish, quality and it's...
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    rennwagen diffuser. Free

    I threw it in the trash. Honestly this thing is so bad quality it's where it belongs.
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    $1200 Baun performance v2 dp with epa cat

    Had it installed for a few hundred miles, removed it because it was louder than I want. The only issue is I welded a muffler to the end piece to cut down on the noise. I removed the muffler and welded in a new 304l pipe with a few inches more to fit more after market exhausts. Welds are back...
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    APR DTR6054 Direct Turbocharger Replacement System

    Being as this is on back order if anyone wants this my shop has a brand new dtr kit for sale. Audi of orange park 904-565-2230 ask for Carlos in part.
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    WTB APR6054

    My shop has a new one for sale if you're interested.
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    Free Alltrack splash shield with bracket.

    It's been sold Did the trans get to you ok? I was surprised it fit in a box and even more surprised it arrived in one piece given how heavy the box was.
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    rennwagen diffuser. Free

    I got a bunch of other stuff Im selling for cheap if you want to make a day out of it.
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    rennwagen diffuser. Free

    come get it
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    Free Alltrack splash shield with bracket.

    If you want to have a ups come pick it up have at it. Let me know when your ready.
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    rennwagen diffuser. Free

    Bump. Come take this thing before I trash it