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    MSS Spring + Spacers

    This has definitely turned into a frustrating situation. Quick background, for all my cars I go with Eibach or H&R springs, and mod from there. Always enjoyed my set-up and most importantly no hassles! With the Golf R, I thought I would try something different and went with a set of MSS Springs...
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    Passenger side lowering lean

    Edit : I think just going to wipe this, start with the corner balance, ensure the strut on the driver side is set and see where I am at after
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    FS 17.5mm ECS Spacers

    bump just want them to go to a good home
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    Bilstein B6 suspension & chasis rebuild

    lol ya this is recommended...the OEM mounts / bearing before install. I thought I would skip it, but first bump fail and cursed my impatience!
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    DCC Slider Mod

    I think this is all the updating I am going to do for now, I need to pull my front passenger strut assembly to replace the mounting kit, since I was too anxious to get things done instead of waiting for parts to arrive...then will figure out the DCC controller and tackle the Gateway after. Time...
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    DCC Slider Mod

    I am not meaning to hijack anyone's work, just trying to bring the posts together so others can benefit from the lessons learned. I figure it would be worth getting the information into one thread, and maybe @Cuzoe or @Chillout , it would be awesome if you can help to put the information here...
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    United Motorsports Gen5 Haldex for MQB Vehicles

    what do you have done to the car? I think many people commented that around Stage II you start to really feel the difference I found while I was Stage II, before adding it, I felt like the car was being driven strongly by the front wheels. When I added it, I finally started feeling a push from...
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic)

    I hear ya, sometimes I think we research parts so much that we start over thinking things. I always try to get my brakes and suspension / chassis to a 'street / track' set-up, but I think the B6's over shoot that target a bit towards track. I think especially suspension, it's a bit more...
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic)

    I think after putting on the mileage this weekend, something is loose in the passenger side over bumps or dips I hear a creaking noise almost. I'm not entirely sure if its the mounting hardware, so hoping to look at it next weekend. That said, I feel like the B4's are the better option tbh...
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic) It comes out to $1,499 USD, which is cheaper then I see in the US, BUT I think we have a large markup on Bilstein here in Canada when I compared pricing. Plus these guys are down the street...
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic)

    They are MSS Springs, so it's not a major drop - I think if I were to do it over again / need to replace the mounting hardware when the bushings are done, I will likely go with Eibach or something fixed with not a large drop
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    B4 vs B6 Bilstein (Damptronic)

    I got my B6's installed on Monday and alignment done yesterday. Must say without the alignment / DCC re-calibration (got this all done at the dealership since the DCC re-calibration comes with the alignment), the car drives like garbage lol. After spending the money I was so nervous that I made...
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    What Mods Should I Do Next???

    I went with the CTS and LOVE it. Makes a massive difference, especially when it seems the only time you get great power is when you are still stuck on your winter tires. Now it could be 25-30 C out and running great. Otherwise, I think you will be ready for a bigger turbo
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    Questioning the wisdom of VWoA killing all US Golfs aside from the GTI and R

    I agree with you...the thing is people don't buy new Golf's, they buy used Golf's. So VWofA doesn't care, they don't make a real profit on used Golf's...except maybe financing. IMO, young people like / love the Golf, like when I see a Golf it is driven by a teen - 20 something...but more often...