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  • thx for ur answer,i did the evap reroute but still same,tomorrow im going to make a full check on my valve cover,turbo and make compression test as well,i hope its not rings or pistons.
    i will let u know.

    thx again
    hi bro,,hope ur fine..been reading about ur gti smoking white smoke out of the exhaust and im wondering if u have solved the problem because i have same issue..please contact me on my e-mail

    thx alot and much appreciated.
    Hello roh echt ...just wondering if u could help me out im installing new south boost guage and it has a 3/16 barb fottinf just like my bsh boost tap but in the supplied guage kit it came with 1/8"vinyl hose n a t fitting do I have to use the hose&t fitting pr could I jus run a 3/16" hose frm guage2tap?thnks 4 help
    Really wish I could get a soundclip of it cant seem to capture it on my cellphone. dont really have any other way to do it.
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