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    2 coats of turtle wax hybrid ceramic on the GTI and GLI. 24 hours in between coats

    Yes, I switched to the TW Seal and Shine and no spots/etching..yet. But its not as glossy/shiny as the Hyrid Ceramic. It baffles me that the Hybrid Ceramic resist chemicals and last a long time but water with minerals can eat right through it. Ive never had such water spot problems on any...
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    2 coats of turtle wax hybrid ceramic on the GTI and GLI. 24 hours in between coats

    They look great... Let us know they do with water spots. My tornado red looked the shiniest with the turtle wax hybrid ceramic.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Let us know..I just got my kit and see how hard of a rubber it is.
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    Got wrong parts from E-ACCA.....

    Jack pad set showed up. It appears to be the parts i ordered..
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    Front license plate bracket

    In NJ mine came with the required front plate. My last car brought in PA did not and ruining the front look with the required plate felt like ..well like ruining my car for some silly required law from the 1940s? Show me one Chevy commercial with their cars with front plates. So I feel for...
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    Snow brush that doesn't scratch the clear coat?

    Hijacking my own thread.. I assume you guys have PPF on the front hood then? If so, how do you deal with the straight edge of the PPF part way up the hood not collecting wax, dirt etc such that one may have a line there when the PPF is taken off?
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    oil change sign and weird noise from engine after turn off

    I gotten used to the fan running after I turn off the car. I dont think runs for 15 minutes though. Not to hijack the thread but I also hear like solenoid or stepping motor sounds from the hood shortly after I open and close a door with the car off. Only car I've owned that makes these...
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    MK7 Christmas gifts

    Clutch stop.. cheap and something anyone can install.
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    Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating

    Let us know if you get water spots on any of those cars My TW Hybrid Solution produced bad water spotting on 3 cars. Im still baffled how it allows water to etch through but still beads like its there.
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    303 Graphene spray coating

    My 303 is on the way... too bad as this would have been the perfect warm weekend to apply. Let us know how it holds up and about any water spots.
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    Got wrong parts from E-ACCA.....

    Oh.. i ordered those also among my parts ...which part numbers?
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    Got wrong parts from E-ACCA.....

    I placed an order for the jack pad idea when or what will show up.
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    money shift help

    Thanks for that site... I was amazed to see I have a place right in my town selling used parts.
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    Snow brush that doesn't scratch the clear coat?

    Thanks... I ordered some small True Temper Scratch Free ones off amazon.. Will see.
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    Snow brush that doesn't scratch the clear coat?

    I'm finding the tornado red and/or clear coat shows scratches just by looking at it.. For the winter can anyone recommend a soft snow brush that won't scratch the paint? I have several but they all seem rough.