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    FS: APR valved exhaust system for MK7.5R

    Any interest in a MK7.5R APR valved exhaust system? In great condition, only about 4k miles on it. Thinking of selling because it's a bit too loud for my tastes after installing a downpipe. Asking $1550, preferably local pickup to Boston, MA, otherwise buyer pays shipping. APR Catback Exhaust...
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    FS: 18x8 ET48 OZ Racing Superturismo LM with Michelin PSA/S 3+

    Selling my 18x8 OZ Racing Superturismo LM wheels with 235/40/R18 Michelin PSA/S 3+ (enough tread for another 2+ seasons, no punctures and even wear). Comes with carbon fiber OZ Racing center caps. Wheels made in Italy. Wheels are in great condition, straight, no curb rash/damage, and the carbon...
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    APR exhaust valve rattle?

    How do you choose the tips? I called Borla and asked them if I could choose different tips and they said I couldn’t.
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    The Unofficial New England Introduce yourself Thread!

    It's monthly! Here's a shot from today (I took my front plate off afterwards but it was too dark already).
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    Southern NH Shops

    I've heard great things about Speedlife too. I think it's worth the extra distance.
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    The Unofficial New England Introduce yourself Thread!

    There's a VW/Audi meet & cruise tomorrow at 3pm in Middleton, MA if you're interested!
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    VW/Audi Meet & Cruise in Middleton, MA - Saturday 11/7/2020

    Hey all, Super short notice but if anyone is interested, there's a VW/Audi meet/cruise happening tomorrow at 3pm in Middleton, MA. Hope to see some of you there! Edit: I didn't make this poster, I know there's typos lol. Location Has been moved to 300 Andover St Peabody, MA.
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    DIY Mk7.5 Euro Taillight Harnesses

    Nice job! What would you charge for a harness?
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    Power folding mirrors

    I love mine, plus they have the mirror memory so they return to the correct position after flipping down in reverse! No issue with them either.
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    New Borla Cat-Back For Golf R

    That would be awesome, I'm sure there are others who would appreciate it too. I cannot find any other videos of the new Borla exhaust anywhere (minus the crappy one done by Borla themselves, SMH). Glad to hear you're still enjoying the exhaust! I'm probably going to install a catted dp down the...
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    Michelin PSAS 4

    Great review of the Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires - and here is a winter preview of them done by Tire Rack -
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    My new R

    Nice ride! Welcome and congrats!
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    New Borla Cat-Back For Golf R

    Hey Bradley, Would you mind posting a drive-by video of your car with the exhaust? I'm very interested in the non-res Borla one from your video. The sound-clip posted by Borla sounds awful!. Are you still loving it? Thanks!
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    MK7 Golf R's with exhaust mods around Boston

    Hey all, I’m deciding on what direction I want to move towards with my MK7.5 Golf R for an exhaust setup. I’m currently running APR stage 1 with stock dp and exhaust. Thinking about getting a catted dp and resonator delete or sticking with the stock dp and getting a valved catback exhaust. Is...