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    Fuel Injector Cleaners

    Edit: Link corrected.
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    On the fence to keep it or turn in?

    Tell me more about the "something else more reliable." And I'm not questioning the fact that there are cars that are more reliable than those manufactured by VW. We know that. (E.g., Toyota's Corolla, for example.) But I am curious as to what you'd choose or consider in your quest for more...
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    2020 Golf R 8 spotted.

    Al, I think you are correct -- i.e., that the R Line will be a mirror image of the forthcoming R. Stated somewhat differently, I believe that's exactly what VW AG is seeking to achieve with the R Line, make the less expensive Golf look like the R.
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Thanks for the link ^. I'm going to guess that VW produced it for world press consumption.
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    2019 GTI Requires 508 spec 0W-20 oil

    octaxguy13: I'll say it again: Until 2019, VW AG recommended either 0W-40 or 5W-40 weight oil for the EA888 series engine. For years. Why the change to 0W-20? To improve Volkswagen's average fleetwide fuel mileage results. This was done in order to avoid potential financial penalties for...
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

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    2019 GTI Requires 508 spec 0W-20 oil

    1) You needn't be scared, or even concerned for that matter, despite the prognostications soon to appear here advising you that your engine warranty is shot. Nothing untoward is going to happen, and you can take comfort in the fact that you happened to choose the brand and oil weight...
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    2020 Golf R 8 spotted.

    I think we may be jumping the thread, for which I apologize, but FWIW, I, too, prefer the look of VW's ID.3 to the Mk8. And, for that matter, why the hell VoA isn't planning to import the ID.3 is lost on me.
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    Richard Hammond's "Big": Volkswagen Mega Factory
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    J.D Power's Reliability Survey

    It seems hard to believe, but J.D. Power has ranked Volkswagen 6th in its new car/12-month reliability rankings among a field of 32 brands. The devil's in the details, of course, and the linked article isn't specific enough regarding individual cars/models, etc., to know what or where the...
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    2020 Golf R 8 spotted.

    First, thanks MIKE PP for the post. I've said this before, but (IMHO) it's worth repeating: Criticism of the Mk8's appearance reminds me of comments prevalent in 1967 when VW replaced the bug's sloped headlight design with upright, sealed beam units. You'd had thought the world had shifted...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Dunno. Maybe. This was posted a week ago.
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    Ever Wonder Who Owns Clubsport # 1 of 400?

    Benny Leuchter. It was a well-deserved gift of VW AG. 431 kilometers in three years.
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    Mk8 Forum all Spam