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    Buying golf R mk7

    Swanny, I assume you're searching for a previously owned R? (I ask because I'm pretty sure -- having searched -- there aren't any new ones available.)
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    Canadian Golf R's

    There are several credible websites with helpful links that explain what is required to import an automobile from Canada. This one, for example:
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    So something is trying to get me to leave VW but i keep fighting back,

    SloppyGTI, FWIW your experience isn't unique to Volkswagens or Volkswagen dealers. You can go over to the Porsche board (, or any other board for that matter, and find examples of the same sort of incompetence and neglect. IMHO, the fault inevitably lies with the owner of the...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Actually, I believe the effect of low oil pressure is it leaves the intake cam in an advanced position, which results in a diluted intake charge that is insufficient for combustion. In other words, pre-"fix," there was insufficient oil pressure to retard the cam. Also, I don't think any of...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Yep. 😁 Me, I'm in equipoise. If 0W-20 works, it works. I, however, am a Luddite. I'm sticking with 0W-40.
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Couldn't open it. Excellent article! As engine rpm fails off, there's a concomitant decline in oil pressure, which, in turn, in an EA-888 engine retards the cam timing. Ultimately, without sufficient oil pressure, the engine stalls. Consequently, maintaining sufficient oil pressure is...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    I've followed this issue fairly closely, and I haven't read a post here or elsewhere in which the poster indicated s/he'd experimented with a higher viscosity oil and continued to experience engine stalling. I have seen several to the contrary, however. I'm not saying you're wrong, but if you...
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    No, the Office of Defects Investigation didn't conclude that higher viscosity oil wouldn't prevent engine stalling. In fact, if camshaft positioning at idle is crucial and this is a function of oil pressure, the results of this investigation begs the question: What's the simplest way to...
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    WRT to your thread titled "Where Are My Photographers," I recommend you email this fellow...

    WRT to your thread titled "Where Are My Photographers," I recommend you email this fellow: Great eye and he certainly knows how to work light and shadow.
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    The takeaway: " . . . The erroneous advanced position of the intake camshaft is a result of low oil pressure at idle and high oil temperatures, greater than or equal to 110°C/230°F combined with engine control algorithms in the Engine Control Module (ECM) that position the intake camshaft. . ...
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    A review of the Mk.8 Golf.

    Chogokin, you're right. I'm of those who complains when we don't get the versions of the Golf and GTI available in the UK & Germany. But that's always been the case. The Mk1 GTI was first available in Germany in 1976. Our version of the GTI first became available in 1983 -- seven years...
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    Liked my GTI over an R. Am I crazy?

    You, sir, are describing exactly why people queue up to own Clubsports and TCRs: Golf R power without the additional weight of 4Motion components.
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    A review of the Mk.8 Golf.

    This fellow has been posting Golf GTI & R videos of all sorts on the Internet for years. Always the same format: musical intro, walk-around of the cars' exterior and interior, and a ride-along. For example, here's one comparing a GTI Performance with a Clubsport S: You can fault him for...
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    Comprehensive Golf MK8 Reviews & Discussions This!
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    Are they still making GTI's

    I think you're correct; there will be 2021 Mk7.5s. And, I agree -- it will be cool if VoA comes up with a special edition, particularly if production of the U.S. Mk8 GTIs and Rs is further delayed. Thanks for bringing up the possibility. I'll hold out for that.