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    MK7.5 Digital Cockpit retrofit

    I may tackle this project in spring. I've gone thru the whole thread and if someone could validate my simplified summarization. I have a 2018 GTI Autobahn and OBD11. 1. Remove trims and loosen instrument cluster. 2. Go to dealer so they can install digital cluster and deal with immo and both...
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    Code Dash Light on when not in auto mode

    Hi. I'd like to code my dash lights on when not in auto mode. I stumbled upon it but just can't find it anymore. Could someone help? Thanks.
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    Obdeleven question

    Hi, So I sold my 2015 GTI SE and picked up a 2018 GTI Autobahn. Found out that EU maps does not work on a US spec. Does anyone know if there's a way to change this with Obdeleven? Thanks.
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    EU map on NA GTI?

    Hi, Just picked up a US spec 2018 Autobahn. Can anyone confirm that EU maps will not work on it?
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    WTB: 1 Austin Wheel

    Hi. Anyone want to sell me a single austin wheel shipped via USPS to APO? Thanks. Ray
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    Hi, Has anyone ordered from Prices aren't bad for reps. Appreciate any info provided. Ray