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  • Hey man very interested in a noise pipe plug I tried to PM you but the comp isn't having it right now.... Please email me at I want to get it this week! Thanks

    Hey, sent you a PM a few days ago. Interested in one of your plugs. Let me know the cost and how do I go about ordering one, thanks!
    Hey, can you please e-mail me your contact info? Need a couple plugs, was wanting to get a hold of you for payment/ details. My e-mail:
    Hey bud, actually I do have the parts to make up the kit to do it, and I must say it's a much cleaner way to finish off this mod. Shoot me a PM and I'll get all the info over to ya.
    What's good Raven? First off thanks for creating a proper and classy solution to the ridiculous noise-pipes. Do you, by any chance, sell a kit to delete the noise pipe with your Billet Plugs, Audi firewall door, gaskets, clips and whatever else necessary(if i didn't cover it) to do a complete delete and cover-up?
    Also, I noticed you haven't done the write-up on the TSI's firewall res-can delete with Hobbes...I live in LA and would be down to roll wherever. PM me or Holluholluh
    Infinite Thanks,
    Chris T
    (602)423-5473....(moved back to LA a while ago still haven't got a new#)
    [09 GTI TSI: APR stg2+&TBE, ForgeFMIC, Shrtshft....]
    Would like to purchase a plug from you but I think your inbox is full?

    2007 GTI 2.0T FSI
    McAllen, Tx
    Mr Raven. Please tell me you are still doing the throttle plugs? If so I'd like to scoop up a kit from you. Does it include both plugs? Thanks man! Hit me back.
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