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    GOLF MK7 (Base model) ACC RETROFIT ! DIY

    I was going to purchase the buttons and then have the car coded, but life and work have both taken up the majority of any free time left :rolleyes: Following your progress (AKA: living voraciously thought you) until I can devote time to this retrofit.
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    Mini splash guard for rear bumper from Škoda Octavia

    I learned something new. Thanks!
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    ECM service campaign? Action Code 24FX

    Not taking mine in as I am tuned and this only writes updated stock ECU programming. For the record, 25k miles and never stalled.
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    The new EQT V2.51 Maps

    Just updated to the latest file, and I too feel the throttle to be smoother when in D. I have the DSG tune as well. Oh and oil temps are down too! It was 93F here in GA this week and my oil temp didn't hover above 208F for the most part.
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    Mini splash guard for rear bumper from Škoda Octavia

    The MK8 Golf has these as well. Possibly these will fit as well? Are they actually functional, or a regulation item?
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Did you notice a difference between 2.50 and 2.51? I just want to know if it's worth the $ to update. That's all.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Any 2019 DSG GTI's with the 2.51 revision? Running 2.50 now, and not sure it's worth the update yet. To me, the car runs fine. However, lower oil and coolant temps sound good.
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    GOLF MK7 (Base model) ACC RETROFIT ! DIY

    Thank you for the part information. I will look for parts and then contact you for programming!
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    Same here. ECS spacers front and rear cause the car to vibrate at 80 mph. So balancing would aid this so long as I tell the shop to compensate for spacer thickness?
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    Help needed - Enabling static cornering on LED fog lights (LED) on MK7.5 GTI using VCDS

    Thank you for the coding. Do you know if it is possible to turn on the corner lights (inside the headlamps) when high beams are active? I already currently have my fog lamps on when high beams are on. Having the corner lamps on would help even more when driving dark country roads.
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    GOLF MK7 (Base model) ACC RETROFIT ! DIY

    I have a 2019 GTI with the ACC sensor built-in from the factory. Can someone confirm that all I would require to enable ACC are the following items: 1. ACC steering wheel buttons (need compatible part numbers??) 2. Retrofit code procedure/cost? My GTI's build is 11/24/2018
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    Throttle Response In Normal

    My brain is mush after reading every single post in that thread.... 🥴
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    FS: NEW MIB2 unit take off from my 2019 GTI

    Available! Just responded to your PM.