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    Post your dark iron blue GTI

    They look about right
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    Covid 19 lockdown

    I'm in a similar situation also in the UK, my preference is to start the car once every 3 weeks let it warm up properly then give it careful run round the block. Once back on the drive I leave it ticking over for another 10 minutes before leaving it in 'Park' with the handbrake off.
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    Is it possible to re-set the DSG gearbox?

    Just purchased a Mk7 2017 Gti DSG PP from VW. The DSG changes appear far more noticable than I would have expected both going up and especially back down through the box. My only other experience of a DSG was on a 1.4 Golf which seemed much smoother. Is it possible to re-set the DSG so that...
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    Throttle travel resistance

    Noticed today that when pushing the throttle down as far as it will go, there is a point towards the end where a physical resistance is felt and then it gets easier again. Its as though a button is being pushed. It doesn't seem to do anything, but wondered if anyone else has noticed and is...
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    is there an 'idiots' guide to the infotainment system?

    Composition Media, Discover media (Gen 1) Combined button for media/nav but how do you select Navigation? When I press the button I get 'no media detected' then I have to press it again to get Nav Secondly is there a way of leaving the radio on while setting up a navigation route? I find...