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    F/S: Dunlop Sport Maxx GT Tires - 255/35ZR19 - Metro Vancouver, BC Canada

    Item is sold! No longer available.
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    IIHS Crash Test Video Featuring the 2015 VW GTI MK7

    YouTube Video of IIHS VW MK7 GTI Crash Test:cool: Spectacular crash test featuring our beloved VW MK7 GTI. It earned TSP+ (Top Safety Pick Plus) rating which is good. Click on the link above to watch the YouTube video. Pay attention to the slo-mo segments. They're awesome!
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    Recall Notice - Fuel Leak Problem

    I did a search in the forum and did not find anything about this recall notice. I may have missed it but here it is just in case: VW recalling certain 2015 VW Golf and GTI (US MK7) models: A follow-up...
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    3rd Gen EA888 (VVL & MPI) - Confirm?

    Euro Spec EA888 3rd Generation Engine showing MFI on Intake Manifold Photos taken from this thread:
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    7th Gen VW golf wins Car of the Year Award in (guess where?)

    JAPAN! of all places! It is the first import vehicle to win COTY since 1980 :) Read on....
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    VW Scirocco may be coming to North America I just read this article at It looks like there is talk within VW to bring in the Scirocco. Something to dream about :D
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    Here's the real deal: 496 bhp VW Design Vision GTI Concept at Worthersee

    This is what happens when you let the VW design dogs out! :D
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    First Drive Review of the VW MK7 GTI by Autoblog

    This one includes a short video clip of their test drive. I love the sound this GTI makes in this video. I wonder if the Soundaktor is making it sound better:D
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    First Drive Review of the MK7 GTI by Car & Driver The all-new Mk7 GTI is a giant slayer: It’s easily the best GTI ever in terms of driving dynamics. VW says it’s the fastest, most powerful, and most efficient ever, and that’s just half the story. The fun has...
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    VW Golf MK7 4Motion

    Do you think the North American market will get this flavor of Golf? Stay tuned! :rolleyes: (Click on link Below)
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    Hilarious Golf VII Ad from the Neatherlands

    I just watched this new hilarious ad for the Golf VII from the Neatherlands. I found it in Autoblog. Enjoy!
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    New VW MFD

    Wow! A color MFD LCD display! They should've included that in the 2010/2011 GTI.
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    GTI Convertable?

    A chop-top GTI?!! I have not seen it and I don't want to see it.
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    Please vote for my gf for FHM Model

    Just she using her real name or is it just a persona? She looks great! Ur one lucky dude! I'll cast my vote tonight!
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    My pet peeve is ...

    Pet Peeve for the day: People who keep (not only once but several times) spitting in public thinking that they're cool :paddle: