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    hoa sinh nhật đẹp
    hoa khai trương đẹp
    hoa khai trương đẹp
    hey i just purchased spyder tailights and i have some errors, also they didnt come with reverse light bulbs? could u please help me out.. i would really appreciate it. thanks
    hey buddy quick one for you.

    I see you work for iDatalink. My buddy owns a audio shop in north Vancouver Canada and deals with a lot of vw dealer contracts. I also have a gti mk6 and want to change the headunit (as I have done all the audio components so far and this will top it off). I want seemless integration with my mfi in my cluster I don't want to run different Bluetooth. Essential I want a deck that I can run into the car and get all controls like the stock deck (wheel/mfi/Bluetooth etc). Is maestro making one? he wants to know too because he would sell them out of his shop for the vw and audi's


    Hey got a question for you. Had remote start (viper) installed on my 13 gti dsg and it intermittently works now. I'm not sure if they used data link or what for the modules but they said at the shop they had an issue bypassing the factory alarm. Any clues?
    Hi PHD-12v
    I wanted to see if you can help me. I have a 2010 GTI DSG with Xenons. I installed Golf R LED tails with Rear Fog and I also have LED Xenons installed the euro switch and ran the trigger wire for the rear fog. I also coded the rear fog and LEDs to the best of my knowledge. I cant figure out to get my rear fog light to turn on ever since I coded and installed my LED xenons. I have a right fog light warning on the car is the code that i have thrown but both fogs are working fine. I have programed the xenon leds as my DRLs as well please help!! thanks again Sean
    Hello and good day PHD-12v. I'm getting ready to do my install of my encore e9 with ads-dl-ca and ubm3-kit. I had a couple quick questions. When i attach the ignition wire to the idatalink do i also need to connect it to the remote start brain unit or does it handle that signal through data2data. The white wire parking light output wire (10 amp current rating) of the e9 unit can be tapped directly into the parking light wire at the switch or should i wire it to a relay trigger. Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.
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