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    MK7.5 GTI Replica HID Headlights & BFI shift knob

    Selling my car so have to put it back to stock. Had these on my 2018 base model since about april 2018, other than replacing a dead ballast after a week, they have performed great, no condensation or flickering. GTI Replica mk 7.5 HID Headlights. Fits 2018+ Golf/GTI with stock halogen lights...
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    Morimoto D2H HID issue

    So I got a D2H HID kit like I've seen so many others get, but they are not like I expected, not like any morimoto XB D2H I can find.. the bulb is hard wired onto the connector so the leads cannot be disconnected to pass through the headlight housing that you drill to fit it through a hole it...