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    Metallic Trim around DSG Gearlever

    The new part is just the trim. VW made it a separate part for the recall
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    VW nav. Does it still suck?

    I work in parts at a VW dealer in Florida. Every single time we’ve tried to order a Navigation Update we get the same exact SD map card that is already in the car. We order the newest updated part number per VIN and it’s never correct, so we stopped doing it. Why VWoA doesn’t allow online...
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    Coil overs or shocks and springs?

    I’m on Eibach Sportlines and Koni Yellows at about 15% from full soft. The ride is awesome
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    Metallic Trim around DSG Gearlever

    This is now an open recall. We have 70 in stock at my dealer for warranty replacement. Call your service advisor and go get it replaced for free
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    Upper timing chain cover leak. Powertrain warranty?

    I work at my dealer but this is a 100% warranty issue. It's leaking fluid at the timing cover that literally all VW's have. We do this job multiple times a day. Mine had a bad pan which isn't common but still covered, and it wasn't hit or cracked. Everyone at my dealer knows my car is FBO, E30...
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    Upper timing chain cover leak. Powertrain warranty?

    Mine was done at 59,000 along with an oil pan and level sensor. Car is FBO on E30 and no questions asked
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    Henry Rugs Accident - I Don't Believe One of the "Facts".

    Don't forget how low the nose of a C8 is, that likely changed the damage from the crash. Reports said he was going 156mph just 2.5 seconds before impact and airbags deployed at 127mph. Still really fast but a 30mph difference is substantial. I have zero sympathy for this guy. I saw another...
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    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    Quick celly pic after a nice wash at work. Still looks good for 5 years and 70,000 miles
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    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    My GTI and my buddies Rabbit in good company at Sarasota Cars & Coffee on 9/11
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    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    Thanks! They are Konig Ampliforms, gloss bronze, 18x8.5 et43 no spacers. Tires are 235/40R18 Indy 500's
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    Burble Tune Worth It?

    I ordered burbles in Sport Mode only for my manual car. Catless downpipe with factory exhaust. I love how it defaults to OFF so you have to turn them on. I'm so glad I got them in Sport only. I probably turn mine one once a month, usually when I'm leaving the bar hahahaha 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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    Peeling grill

    Mine is a 2017 and has been like this for a while. Quite a few others I've seen as well. Probably wasn't clear coated too well from the factory. Some red vinyl will solve it or buy a new grille for $100 at the dealer
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    BEC 7.5 LED Reps Installed

    Figured I'd update this with some more recent photos. Still loving them and my favorite upgrade to the car. Been on for almost a year with 10mil Xpel Stealth PPF and zero issues