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    Air conditioning only blows cold when moving

    Yes, definitely under warranty. So there is a fan in the engine compartment? Thanks
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    Air conditioning only blows cold when moving

    Hi all I have a 2018 GTI SE with manual climate control. The A/C blows ice cold when the car is moving. But when in stop and go traffic or idling it is barely cooled at all. I had a similar problem with a BMW which turned out to be a broken condenser fan. Does the GTI have a condenser fan? Thanks
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    Tutorial: How-To Fit Helix Soundbox + Spare in GTI

    I fix the Helix on top of the spare tire. The floor is higher but barely noticeable. What is noticeable is the sound definitely suffers when compared to the Helix sitting on the floor of the spare tire well. It likely as to do with the large volume of air directly below the sub when sitting on...
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    Anybody have a Helix Dongle in the NY Metro Area?

    I'm in the Mahopac area. You?
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    Costco vs shell gas

    I've seen no discernible difference between Shell and Costco.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed Helix Sound Box. Well worth the price and the time spent installing it.
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    I got the self-dimming mirror and the the Helix Amp for my 2018 GTI SE. Already installed the mirror. This weekend I'll install the Helix.
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    Anybody have a Helix Dongle in the NY Metro Area?

    Hi all I'm new to VW and just got my first GTI. A 2018 SE in Great Falls Green. I ordered a Helix and was planning on installing it this weekend and was wondering if there was any one local who had a dongle to rent, as the current rental thread is running 3-4 weeks. Thanks Peter
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    What Did You Drive Before You Drove A MKVII Golf, GTI or R?

    My daily driver was a 2000 BMW M5. Owned since new. Moved and got a much longer commute. Needed a car that was affordable, fun, reliable, and got good mileage. I wanted an Audi S3 but didn't want to put 450 miles per week on one. So it was between an R and a GTI. I decided on a GTI. I'm very...
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    The official "Post your deal!!!" thread

    Picked up a 2018 GTI SE stick in Great Falls Green with 16,900 miles. Has leather and new tires. Paid $21,750 out the door.