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    OEM plus style brake pads

    Thanks for all of the replies. I think this gives me some where to go now. I did just get the brake fluid changed this past week.
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    OEM plus style brake pads

    I am in the market for new pads up front. I'm not tracking my car but I put a lot of in town miles on it. The factory pads are ok but I am looking for better pads. With the the large amount to brands and manufactures I'm having a hard time navigating through them all. EBC and Hawk are on my...
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    Hawks game was good. Saw most of it. How about Patrick Roy trying to take down the other coach? That was kinda crazy.
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    Official 2013 Formula 1 Season Thread

    So much for a numer one and number two driver. They have two alpha males now. Should be fun to watch.