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  • Apparently when you upgrade the wheels it includes Sports Suspension which is suppose to help (so I read somewhere), so I was less worried about upgrading. I can understand what you mean though, I don't have to venture far so the worst it gets is pot holes in January-March (or more recently all year round), and the standard 16" Alloys look nice. I reckon the tyres will probably be more expensive on the 17". (Why am I talking myself out of this!?!)

    My other half has a BMW Mini with 19" alloys and I usually have to re-align my spine at the chiropractor after each drive :)

    Yes, the 14 plates begin in March, although yearly plates would make more sense!
    Hi Redpaddy!

    They are the 17" Madrid wheels with Dunlops, looks the part, pleased I got them. Good for the value considering they also upgrade to sports suspension. I'll get some photos sorted soon, in the album section.

    Good choice in colour also!

    Are you going for any extras?
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