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    Hi Nitsrik1976,

    I have a Mk7 Golf in Australia that I have retrofitted a Discovery Pro head unit and Dynaudio sound system to. Because we don't get this as an option in Australia, I have no scan data (coding or adaptation channels).

    Do you have access to VCDS and if so, would you be willing to scan your 5F unit and provide a copy of your coding and the adaptations ?

    Coding is simple, you just do a scan and save of the 5F unit (or a full auto scan would be better still).

    Adaptation channels are a bit longer and require the use of Applications -> Controller Channel Map, with the following choices:
    Controller Address: 5F
    Adaptations: Ticked
    CSV file: Selected
    Login or Security Code: Not required.
    This dumps an adaptation channels scan, in CSV format, into your RossTech/Logs directory.

    I am happy to pay for this info, as I cannot obtain it anywhere. There is nothing in this data that can cause you any grief.

    I'm located in Sydney Australia.

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