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  • Yo,

    I had my water pump replaced about 10k ago. Now the coolant is low again and getting a loud tapping sound at idle I never had before, wondering if that could be the water pump? Is there anyway to find out what the latest version of the water pumps are now?
    Hey man,

    I was wondering if you see any cases of the 2.0t TSI with timing chain tensioner issues. I heard it is more common with Tiguan's but still worried for the other cars with the engines. I was thinking of replacing the tensioner to the latest revision. I just hit 50k so thinking about any preventive maintenance to do in the upcoming miles.
    I just hit 50k miles. I bought extended warranty too, so hoping if anything breaks it does it under warranty =). I'll try what you said and let you know if that helps. Yeah man the GLI's are nice. I wanted to get one of those before the GTI but they were too new couldn't fiund any new used ones at the time.
    Yoo what's up man? Haven't talked to you in a while. Last time you had just a reg base Jetta. How's the GLI treating you? My GTI is good so far, except for the typical quirks. The only problem I'm having is sometimes it doesn't want to start and cranks long and stalls, but turn key off/on and it starts right up. Which is what I been searching for. I took it to dealer and they said it wasn't throwing any codes. Can something be on it's way out and not throw any codes? One guy in a thread was suggesting Fuel Pump Control Module or In Tank Electric Fuel Pump could be going out?
    07GTIFSI told me 2 hit u up for a boost gauge jus wondering how much u charge to install 1? thnx.
    wat up. a couple of ppl told me to hit u up to do some work. how much do u charge to install a downpipe?
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