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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Is there a topic with all known and tested VCDS/OBDeleven tweaks and activations? I would love to contribute (or start a new topic if doesn't exist already).
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    Parts for highline rear camera retrofit

    Wiring for the RVC High, if someone is interested in this retrofit:
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    How to Retro-Fit Illuminated Overhead Console Panel

    Two things: 1. I've swapped my standard roof light with LED one some time ago. I don't know if that's regional difference or maybe it's because I don't have electric roof window buttons, but I had a little foam element over there that was blanking a hole, which I assume was designed for ambient...
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    1.6 TDI and Sport HMI (Performance Monitor)

    Not 100% sure but I think that he gateway is not passing through this data from ECU to infotainment data bus.
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    Parts for highline rear camera retrofit

    here’s coding procedure for HIGh camera that I found: as far as I know infotainment units with P/N ending 819 or 820 (for example 3q0 035 819) will not support camera feed - doesn’t matter LOW or HIGH.
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    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    AHK = Anhängerkupplung = towbar Most likely ARA is Anhängerassistenten (EN: Trailer Towing Assistant = TTA) ARA mechanical = dedicated articulation angle sensor in tow ball? ARA optical = optical trailer assist? Also found this:
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    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    Go through the 6C coding, bit by bit, and check if it’s coded correctly according to your cars equipment.
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    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    Turn the steering wheel lock to lock few times. Then check if you can clear the fault code.
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    Shift Knobs

    Wrapped mine to match dashboard vinyl wrap. Happy with the result!
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    mr-fix wagon TDI

    Wrapped DSG selector to match the dashboard vinyl instead of flashy red in non-GTI car.
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    Disable "Check SAFELOCK!" reminder

    Each time you turn the ignition off you see "Check SAFELOCK! Owner's manual!" message which looks like a fault but actually it's just a reminder that car is equipped with deadlocks - once locked you can not open the door from inside (for example after breaking the window). If someone stays in...
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    Enabling ACC speed adjustment with 1mph increments

    I don't have access to car with CC and without ACC so can't say. Check if there's module 13 available and what's inside coding and adaptations.
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    Ancel VD500 functions???

    This is a list of module that you can connect with. And it's an extended list - not only modules that are installed in your car are here. MK7 will not have module 11 (ECU #2) but for example Audi Q7 with 4.2TDI will.
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    mr-fix wagon TDI

    AFAIK everything in car is ready for it. Needs just mirror replacement + wiring. One can use mirrors from Passat B8 and they should fit almost perfectly (mirror will rub on the housing in one of the end position if you don't modify the housing first). And in my case relocation of the side...