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    "U" LED lighting on one side only

    Check the coding of the lights
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    Complete loss of power and ACC/Front assist error

    Try another diagnostics...VCDS/ODIS/VCP. If the issue still persists and the light still does appear on the dashboard (even if it went off), there should be fault codes in the respective units.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Yes, it does. The charger unit wont work without the connection to MIB.
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    Update MIB2 Software and Maps?

    So have you replaced only the screen or the screen and the main unit? If only the screen, then download maps for the original device, since the screen doesnt make the change.
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    P0131 code golf gtd 2014

    Try to search for the exhaust leaks
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    YES another MIB1 -> MIB2 question

    Well, I had an experience that USB port from MIB1 worked only as a charger after replacing the unit for MIB2. So, if you want to still use the features of using USB as a memory reader, I think you have to replace also USB.
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    YES another MIB1 -> MIB2 question

    The question is not correct. Why? Because almost every (read as every) MIB2 is capable of so called App-connect (i. e. Android Auto and Carplay), if the appropriate SWaP code is installed in the unit. More important is to know whether you have sat nav or not and if yes, if you would like to...
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    ea288 150 up to 184

    Yes, it is if you mean the remap
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    Update MIB2 Software and Maps?

    Okay, since you have Discover media, I am afraid that video in motion will not be possible to activate due to inability of this unit to play videos. But I don't see any other obstacles. Offroad monitor can be activated just by the coding, however, carplay and performance monitor is activated by...
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    Update MIB2 Software and Maps?

    First of all, explain what you expect by activating "few features"
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    Glovebox woes...

    Check the first page of the thread or some YT video on how to remove the glovebox. There should be a damping mechanism.
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    Door lock issue

    Solved. Replaced the locking mechanism.
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    Door lock issue

    Hi guys, 2018 GTD Variant, rear driver side door (LHD) are not locking, only manually by turning the white knob at the bottom of the lock. Lights do come up, the instruments show the door as opened. Everything works fine except the locking...I have checked the wires, the fuse, I have physically...
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    Having a hard time reading dipstick after oil change

    Why are you relying on some videos? User guide includes how to check oil level, too.
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    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    Is it worth changing the low to high camera? I have lowline, but was considering the change. I had highline retrofitted in my previous car, used those regimes when reversing from the parking lot or connecting the trailer. It is nice, but do I need that? Just thinking out loud...