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    Gti Full Suspension Build - Looking for Advice

    If you get the Verkline kit, just know that you will increase harshness quite a bit due to the spherical ball joints. if you daily the car like you said, you may not want to go this route. Yes, you'll gain feel, but on anything other than a near-perfect road surface, it's going to be harsh...
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    TPC Ball Bearing IS38

    Yes. The definition of HP = (Torque x RPM)/5252. If you are able to make more torque at a higher RPM, you will be making more HP. If you are making 360hp at 5500rpm, you are making about 344 ft lbs of torque at 5500rpm. If you can sustain the same 344 ft/lbs to 6200rpm, you will be making...
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    Why is the German aftermarket community/support so strong?

    a "fart can" was just a straight-through muffler. many are universal fit, meaning you can just grab one and weld it to the back of your exhaust. Any 4 cylinder car (sans turbo) with one of these is usually not going to sound very good. Especially if they also deleted the resonator and/or cat...
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    Why is the German aftermarket community/support so strong?

    You must have missed the 90s :) EVERYTHING back then had a fart can. except muscle cars.
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    Which years of the MK7.5 have full power seats?

    did all trims of the 7.5 come with the VAQ performance diff?
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Thanks for the info! Didn't know about the additional bolts needed for the install!
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Thanks! I may just have to drive down there, it doesn't seem like there is anyone experienced with this sort of thing around here.
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Looking to get a wavetrac LSD installed in my 2017 with DSG. Does anyone know of a shop in the south LA area (El Segundo, Torrance, Long Beach, etc) that is experienced with this? thanks!
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    Dashcam recommendations (People suck)

    I'm currently recording at 2560x1440 resolution, and a 3 minute clip is 570,000kb. I have a 64gb card in the camera, so I get 6+ hours worth of clips saved before it starts over-writing them. since my commute is about 25 minutes or so, I have a few days of driving saved on the card at all times.
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    Dashcam recommendations (People suck)

    I also have a Viofo A129. got it late last year, and direct wired it to the fuse box. Very good/clear footage, very good at night also (uses a Sony sensor) and has an optional GPS attachment. Used the footage two months ago, when a Lyft driver tried to make a right turn from the left lane and...
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    Can you fender roll with at home tools?

    back in the day, there was the "baseball bat" method that a lot of people used. I'm sure there are a few videos on youtube you can watch to show how it's done. it does work, but you definitely have more room for error and can mess up your fenders if you do it wrong. and you still should heat...
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    Obdeleven standard help

    That purple part might just pry off. it looks like there is a clip on the side that holds it in place. You could probably just snip those "ears" off and then plug in the dongle.
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    Obdeleven standard help

    it looks like the purple cover on yours has little "ears" that stick out the sides. I don't recall those on mine. is that what is keeping the dongle from being plugged in?
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    Neuspeed module

    be careful with those canned octane boosters, most don't give you as much increase as you would think. 1 point of octane doesn't = 1 number at the gas pump from what I remember. Not saying it doesn't help, but just don't think of it as a substitute for proper high-octane fuel.
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    If other countries adopt this..

    there are a lot of countries that have additional taxes on vehicles based on engine size, horsepower, mileage, etc. The USA really has it easy with our low gas prices and relatively low taxes. You rarely see cars with big engines in europe because fuel is so expensive there. In singapore...