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    Low pressure egr delete assistance see pictures

    Hi guys can someone confirm if it’s as simple as blocking this section of pipe to blank the low pressure egr Golf gtd mk7 dsg 63 plate See pictures
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    Elm327 No car scanner not connected Engine was running
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    Tried to connect but it just stays in limbo On the ‘connecting’ screen I waited like 15mins but didn’t budge ☹️
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    Also, after the regen does the ‘time since last regen’ and ‘distance since regen’ reset ?
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    Sorry didn’t have time today hopefully tkmorrow Ty for info though, As soon as I do it I’ll report back Once again thanks
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    Yeah Cuna mate Ok sure I’ll give it a try tomorrow when I finish work and get back to you thanks man
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    Also I went on another section that showed not passed? Any thoughts please?
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    Hi I was convinced my dpf was trying to regen as the revs went to 1k, got a little smell, and oil temps went up And I was convinced it was quite often so went to check on my obd app thing and it said last regen was 415mins ago but I’m sure it does it like every day I’ve took some pics of the...
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    Heater matrix

    Hi I’m going to replace my heater matrix, I know how to do it following a video of removing glovebox and blower etc, I tired the route of flushing back and forth for a long time and it never ends getting cack out of it lol What’s the recommendation of which to buy please? valeo any good etc...
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    Egr valve

    Hi Is there a low pressure and a high pressure egr valve? If so where are the both located? And if possible can I have a picture of both please golf gtd mk7 2013
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    Looking to delete egr valve

    Originally bought the car with it deleted, and coolant pipes were bypassed. But wanted it standard. Made a big mistake as it drives awful with it back in lol But the guys who put it back to standard said there was a blinking plate in they took out then they put coolant hoses back to standard...
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    Hidden switch electrical advice

    Hi all I’m wanting to leave my car running in a cold morning (I know some advise against it lol) I’m in a private drive but don’t want anyone jumping in and nicking it I know the one option is to just use a steering lock but it’s a bit naff So was thinking about putting a secret switch somewhere...