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  • Yes, I have as I'm in 37000 already. I use Motul 8100x-clean+ and I'm satisfied with it. My observation shows that up until ~6000km after the oil change the temperature gauge reads up to 110-115 if I push the motor. In steady B-road or freeway driving it reads 104-106. After the 6000km mark the temperature has an incline to climb if pushed. I saw 119 after a quick climb to a nearby mountain pass (Katara Pass, altitude ~1690m, and I mention that because it plays its role to the temperature too). The personal verdict is that after that 6000km mark the oil starts to degrade (and that's for my driving pattern, lots of cold starts-stops etc) even though its long-life. That's why I follow the fixed interval service of 10000km.
    P.S. All the above temperatures are in °C.
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