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  • Hey man, saw post that you fixed positive fuel trims with changing your injen intake? I'm in 12-17% range with my apr intake and thought I could use some help!
    Anybody have a connection in LA for a 'smog test'? My GTI MK6 is stage 2+ and I don't want to revert to stock for smog testing
    Thanks for the info! I just ordered front and back emblems. I didn't realize there was an OC page. I'll check it out and see you around!
    Hey, Check out the OC VW Facebook page, they have meets Tuesday and Thursday. I got my emblems from check them out.
    Great to see you on the road today! I live in Old Town Tustin right by where I saw you. Do you have a link to that front VW Black Chrome logo?

    Do you go to any meet ups? I haven't had a chance to yet but hope to soon.

    See ya around....

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