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    FS: Small left overs from BBK upgrade

    what lines are those? are they technafit? is it rubber or SS?
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    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    how did you get around the passenger seat airbag connection?
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    Rear bumper lights

    Is there a setting/wire that made them fully light up instead just outline led like in one of the pics
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    Rear bumper lights

    I was looking at these myself a few months back. Was trying to figure out how to use them as a rear for ONLY in bad weather. On full bright, do you need to run all the wires or just specific one? Do they have a dynamic scroll feature ?
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    Upgrading stock shocks/struts to Bilsteins B4 shocks/struts or VWR, is it worth it?

    I am in the same predicament... looking to get VWR spring and considering pairing them with Bilsteins B8 shocks and 034 bearings/top hats. Anyone familiar if this set up is a worth while option? Daily driven work car and figured VWR springs give that minimal drop but not sure if B8 being...
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    Major Oil Leak. Need help.

    Oddly enough I have a same leak where the idler pulley is... from the same area as you but don't know whats there or what caused it
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    DIY Guide and Review: AKD AliExpress MK7.5 LED Tail Lights for NAR MK7 Golf

    Curious how are these lights and wiring different from BEC? I have a set of BEC lights and harness but can't find clear instructions on how to install it and code it properly. Anyone has done BEC lights/harness that can help out?
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    Does anybody from the Suffolk County LI area have a VCDS/Ross-Tech computer?

    Hate to hijack a thread but for those with vcds... anyone familiar how to code dynamic turn signals on a 2016 for BEC or Ed replica tail lights? Apparently can't be done with OBDeleven which ondont have anyway
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    WTB: maxton rear diffuser for mk7

    As the title says... looking for a maxton rear diffuser. Was thinking of going AliExpress route but seeing if anyone parting ways with theirs.
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    Form Fit hood protector

    did you notice less bug splatter on the windshield or the upper portion of the hood from it? Any wind noises or whistling?
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    Will it fit without issue?

    hi guys, I know I might have overlooked but couldn't find an exact answer. I am looking to get a set of 18x8.5 ET38 BBS wheels to run with my oem tire size 225/40 (Continental contact sport for reference). I am currently stock hight and stock suspension on 2016 PP. Curious to know if this...
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    KW V3 Coilovers SOLD

    Did you purchase them new? If so are you familiar if the warranty on these is transferable?
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Which OBD11 do you have? Pro?
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    WTB: Front Splitter and DIffuser

    Which version of front splitter?
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    WTS various take off parts 2019 GTI

    are you willing to separate any items or prefer to sell it off together