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  • Hey , I am local and have seen posts on your detail shop. I want to get my GTI done, its that dark blue metalic which is a pain to keep the swirls out of ,especialy when you get it from the dealer like that right off of lot . I am currently working in Newark and wanted to know where you are located at. I am in the area of Marrows road. Thanks, Pat
    Hey Zim,

    Just read your post about the engine issue you had, did it all finally work itself out or what?
    Any clue, how I can get my hands on a copy of that TSB? Want to keep that on the backburner in case crap hits the fan with my ride. Dealer stated to me that, " there is no such thing as a TSB for the cam tensionor/CAM followers." Needless to say I am leary of their BS and probably need to find a better dealer to go to. Was your dealer the same one you bought the car from or a totally different one? Does that even matter with warranty work? Hope all is well man.

    Good Luck.

    cool. whats up. yah i got the carbon mk6. not really any mods. got the mk6 decal on the back black painted stock wheels short shifter and the golf ball shift knob
    Figured I would say whats up. Going to try to get all the MD Dubbers on this site together if possible....or at least all the MK6s that are relatively local. This site is the perfect tool to get a meet or too together.
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