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    delete (thread created by fraudulent account use)

    Would they work on my lighting package mk7?
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    MK7 GTI Retrofit ideas

    Hi Xabhax, i'm curious if you ever taken a look at the "Area View 360" retrofit? I see someone's done it on a touareg - I would be interested in doing this on my mk7 with Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise.
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    WTB: DCC Suspension

    Exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll dm you.
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    WTB: DCC Suspension

    Howdy, I think this is likely a longshot since I have yet to see any used DCC suspension for sale. Figured it's worth a post though. My 16' GTI is at 133k miles, she runs like a champ but one or two of the struts may be out. Has anyone got a used set of DCC suspension for sale? I'm located in...
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    What a steal. I would be more than glad to take these off your hand but i'm in california. (I would be more than willing to cover shipping, I get a huge fedex discount) let me know.