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    FS: apr catted or catless dp. Cts fmic

    Any possibility of selling the high flow cat only?
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    Mk7/7.5 Gti Apr downpipe (no cat)

    What about the 02 sensor bung that used to be on the cat, do you have any pictures of the new pipe that includes it?
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    I was soo excited to grab the bfi, coil pack, and fuel pumps I but saw that shipping wasn’t an option 😞
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    FS: JB1 w/ data cable

    Still available?
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    JB4 For Sale

    Still available?
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    Garage sale for Mk7 Golf new service and used parts

    How much for shipping to 94503, California on the OBDeleven?
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    EMD Springs - $120 OBO

    Are these still available?