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    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    2017 gti here. It just started for me this month. Based on the time stamps of previous posters, it seems like around year 5 is when this starts to happen to most.
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    LiquiMoly Ceratec in the motor oil, but with DSG transmission

    Ok, this kind of a stupid question, but I'm a little confused and just want to double check. I drive a 2017 gti with DSG and VAQ. I was going to add Ceratec to my motor oil for the engine, but then I saw all the warnings about not using it with automatic transmission and wet clutches. I...
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    Intercooler install question.

    You won't have any issues with the air dams...a thin flat screw driver makes quick work of them. I would definitely buy replacement yellow clips though. I did so myself in case I either broke them or got frustrated enough that I wanted to cut them off and replace etc. Cheapest place to get them...
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    Intercooler install question.

    It's these large plastic air dams that I've circled in red. They are held on by 3 clips. Very easy to remove and add back without breaking their retaining clips. Also, on my GTI, behind the AC condenser, I had also had these like "miniature" air dams which I believe served as thin rubberish...
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    Intercooler install question.

    I just installed my Integrated Engineering Intercooler (factory position) and I'll be the loser here and wholly admit that it took me around 11 hours, solo. This doesn't even count the couple of hours I spent watching install videos by shopdap, humble mechanic, radfox and EverythingCPO. It's...
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    Question about color of used DSG Fluid after 40k, stg 1 tune

    Hi everyone. I just DIY'd my DSG fluid change and my spent fluid seemed awfully dark to me, and was hoping to get a second opinion. I bought my car used with 16k miles on the clock. I tuned it with APR stage 1 ECU at approx 20k miles. I do NOT have the APR stage 1 TCU tune, so in sport mode, my...
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    OEM 8" MIB 2.5 (MK7.5) Display

    yup! Can confirm they fit right out of the box. I was worried too because the new mib2 knobs use a rubberized knob whereas my original GTI volume/power knobs were made of hard plastic. They transferred over to my new mib2 knobs as if they were meant to be.
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    Which Remus tips do you prefer?

    I've got the angled-cut tips on my quad exhaust catback, with the lil band of carbon fiber trim on each tip. I actually got a killer deal on my remus catback setup by reaching out to mike directly at remus. Although mine was a one off (items were new open box/possibly display) weird combo...
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    OEM 8" MIB 2.5 (MK7.5) Display

    Just wanted to thank Mauricio/Denise and give another data point for other people interested in this mod. Shipping was smooooooooth....from brazil to california in under a week! Installation was tedious but not technically difficult on my mk7 GTI autobahn. The hardest part of the job was not...
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    Cast Downpipe vs Mandrel bent tubing+ resonator...which one is more quiet?

    Hi Jake, thanks for your help. That all makes a lot of sense to me. When you mention that a sufficiently sized resonator won't fit in the downpipe, is it safe for me to infer that those resonators that are commercially sold as part of the downpipe (e.g., the map performance one) are thus...
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    Cast Downpipe vs Mandrel bent tubing+ resonator...which one is more quiet?

    I'm in the market for a GESI/Euro 6/HJS downpipe that is also low on the noise. I know that cast dps are quiet due to the heft of the connection to the turbo, but unfortunately it appears that no one makes a cast downpipe that also has a resonator and a high end cat on it. I know APR did this...
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    Aw, dang I forgot to mention I'm looking for one that fits a GTI. Thanks though.
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

    WTB: Down Pipe w/ Cat (Resonated would be awesome and preferred). I prefer one with a GESI/Euro 6 cat if possible, so... looking for AWE, MAP performance, Neuspeed, BullX, IE, Cobb.
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    WTB: Down pipe, Catted (resonated would be a plus). SoCal Area

    Anyone in the general SoCal area getting rid of a downpipe? I'm looking for any of the following brands...not interested in others: *AWE *MAP *Cobb *Bull-X Would really prefer it be a GESI/Euro 6 Cat. Thanks!
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    Noob question about DSG unlock on a Cobb AccessPort

    Hey guys, im about to make the jump from APR to cobb AP because APR discontinued their stg 2. Problem is, I'm a complete newb to accessport, and was hoping you guys could help me answer a few questions. I have the opportunity to buy a used and unmarried Cobb AP that is currently loaded with...