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  • Yep I've got VAG-COM. If you ever need it just let me know or stop by, it's just me here.
    I've only done a few things with it in addition to scanning the car.
    I'll be using it soon to program for my led tails.
    i am probably going to go to carlisle for the whole weekend. i usually roll down with a bunch of friends on friday evening. id probably know quite a few people at em's there is a white and red dodge dakota that is slammed on air ride that my friend built that he usually takes up there. you have a VAG-COM? it would be good to know if someone in town has one before i go out and buy one.
    yeah man i know about those gtg's i usually go up to the one at wolfe's but i haven't been to the one at em's for a long time. i have lots of friends that go there as well. also are you going to carlisle? there is a performance and style show on May 8-10 that a bunch of us always go to...wont be too many dubs but there are always a few
    whats up man.. where are you from in johnstown? i lived up there for a year or so with my girl till we moved back here.. her name is becky stiffler you may know her.. your fahrenheit is sick though man
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