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    MK7 5 Door Yakima Baseline Tower Roof Racks, WeatherTech Wind Deflectors, Rear Window Side Spoiler Wings (Pair), OEM GTI Grill

    To be completely honest, I don't recall any noise with these racks. I think mainly due to the wind shield and design of the core bars. I unfortunately don't have any pics.
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    MK7 Part Out - MK7.5 OEM Euro Tails, MK7 Golf R Headlight Ed's Replicas, MK7 Power Folding Mirrors, Fender Subwoofer, Uniconnect Cable, DeAuto Key LED

    Damn my rush to list all these parts... My mistake, they are actually HID, H7 6000k to be specific. I know its not your question, but the HID's are great with the Reps. Ed Rep's are great, I haven't had any issues with moisture. Also the HID's have lifetime warranty from DeAutoKey.
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    F/S VMR V710s 18x8.5 et35

    Thank you!
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    F/S VMR V710s 18x8.5 et35

    They appear to be so, I believe plastidipped.