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    Hey john, saw on the forums you make color matched sidemarkers, you still make them? Looking for candy white for my GTI
    Hey John. I came across you by browsing the forum. I was curious if you were still doing color matching side markers. I was interested in having them done for my 2013 metallic black GTI. I'm located in Bergen County as well so I would be able to come by your shop if need be.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey John. Just joined this forum and heard your the guy for color matched side markers. I have a 2011 candy white MK6 gti, can you PM me about details and pricing? Thanks!
    John, are you still color matching the front side markers? If so, I'm interested in getting a pair of black metallic for a 2013 GTI. I think I read you paint the insides also? If this is correct, could you add that? They're gonna ship down here to SNJ 08012. Let me know what else you need or what I need to do.

    Hi John,

    You painted the side markers for my 2012 Golf R a couple years ago. Can you paint side marker for my wife's yellow 2014 Beetle GSR? If so, how much?

    Hey John, I'm looking to buy colored-matched side markers for my 2011 TR GTI! How much do you charge and what timeframe we are looking at with shipping?
    Hey john, how much for candy white mk6 golf r reflectors shipped to 06457? Cheers !
    Hey john, new to this but I need help bad! Need a realiable body shop. I see your in bergen county. Thanks jake 2012 gti
    hey john im from jersey too need color matched shadow blue side markers for my gti. message me let me know thanks.
    Are you still doing the side markers? I have a deep black metallic GTI that I would like to get a set for. Thanks!
    Whats up man, looking to get my side markers color matched, seen your work and Im interested. I got a 2010 CSG, shoot me a PM with pricing?
    Whats up man, you still doing the color matched side markers?? Got a Tornado Red MK6 and ive seen your work and you do a great job. Shoot me a PM if your still doing it
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