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    DSG transmission?

    The 1.8 that got the DSG was the sportwagen 4mo/alltrack. To the best of my knowledge, no FWD golf got the DSG.
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    Giovanni Maggio’s 6 Speed Swap (From Mk7 Golf Tsi FB Group)

    Ecu pinout is available in the FR. you can Google "Simos 18 FR" to find it. Full car wiring diagrams are all available for download from VW, you just have to pay for access. It costs $30 for 24hr iirc. You can download as many docs as you want in that timeframe.
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    Eurodyne Updates

    Negative. If you have an R/S3, then you could at least use opensource logging to see the ecus MODELED shaft speed. Which won't even be remotely accurate if you've switched turbos. Haven't had a chance to see if we can wire one in or not.
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    Open source tuning solution

    Up top Not a TON of developments but open source can now flash DSG too 🤘
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    What are my tuning options for IS38 on a 1.8?

    Yeah, in California they recently started checking for tunes by looking at something called a CVN. afaik: Open source - I'm one of the devs and we don't do CVN 'correction' so you wouldn't pass UM isn't doing any CVN 'correcting' so you wouldn't pass with a UM tune APR won't do CVN 'correcting'...
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    Apr stage 3 is38 problems

    Is the forge pneumatic? That 100% has the potential to cause massive issues with the way the ecu operates to control airflow. The throttle position has no direct correlation to the pedal. When you let off the pedal, you're asking the ecu to make less power. Sometimes that means keeping the...
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    IS38 Rebuild Question.

    It wasn't an enormous rant. It was a detailed explanation for the way the ecu actually works to meter fuel and control boost. The ENTIRE issue with the tuning community is that nobody shares any actual information and so people are left just guessing about how things work. It keeps people...
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    IS38 Rebuild Question.

    Just to echo what @ZuMBLe has already said: - The ecu meters fuel based on calculated airmass - It calculates that airmass based on the flow characteristics of the engine (VE). - The only sensors it has to do that are the air pressure (PUT, MAP, and ambient) and air temp. I.e. the airmass is...
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    Open source tuning solution

    @aaronc7 I THINK 425C is 18.2, yeah? I had used Brian's unlocker to unlock a 425C on the bench, but we would have to build a new unlocked CBOOT to flash via obd going forward. @paan It's nontrivial to get that hardware set up with our software (but it could be done). I can try and take a...
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    Big(er) turbos and the 1.8

    Lol Haven't had someone that would work with me on a fwd car.... Hit me up if you want some more info.
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    Open source tuning solution

    The ability to pull a file off the ecu via obd2 is completely disabled in code - so it only supports what's called "virtual read". Even commercial tools will read the box code from the ecu and then download the file from their own central repository. You can flash over tuned files, depending on...
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    Big(er) turbos and the 1.8 Page 7, @aaronc7 posted a link to my YouTube video.
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    Big(er) turbos and the 1.8

    Opensource is free and we can log 50 params at 50hz Just saying.
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    Ironshade 6mt swap

    Wow, this actually kinda bums me out! I love it when people push a platform, but I completely understand the decision to step up to something else.