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  • Hey sorry for the late response. I didnt get any notification pf the message for some reason.

    As a matter of fact im still on my stock clutch and I am now is38 bolt on and tuned. That being said i think the noise I am hearing at idle is my clutch (hopefully). But i have not suffered any slipping that I at least noticed. I drive it daily. Spirited highway pulls, short pulls on local roads no track or drag. I wasnt going to replace something that was holding up in my opinion. Hope this helps and good luck!
    Hey man, is your stock clutch still holding up on stage 2? I've been stage 1.5 93oct for 4K miles and haven't had any problems or slippage (knock on wood). I really want to go stage 2 I just don't know if I should get an upgraded clutch first or see if mine holds, I know a month or 2 ago you said your stock clutch was holding up. Thanks man
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