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    FS: Complete APR Intake Setup

    Bump....price lowered $425 shipped
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    Latest “Disable Auto Stop/Start” Thread

    Can you post a link to one of those in Amazon? I have a 2020 and ever since I got the car wanted to disable the pesky Start/Stop function.
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    FS: Complete APR Intake Setup

    Got all of these APR parts for sale as a bundle preferably. Used them for about 5 months without any issues. Parts are in great condition. $490 shipped APR Carbon Fiber Open Air Intake APR Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe APR SAI Breather Filter APR Turbo Inlet Elbow
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Looking pretty good. Please do as I will be getting some Bilstein B6 Damptronic's for my Autobahn MK7.5 soon. It would be my first time also attempting to do this job. Thank God I have a quick jack already.
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    Noise Under Quick Acceleration

    Is this a bad behavior or a normal behavior? I feel that this is something that started recently and makes me wonder, what's different now?
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    Noise Under Quick Acceleration

    Posted videos of the noise I capture today. Also did it a pulled and used the AP to log the data,
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    Noise Under Quick Acceleration

    Oscillation is the right word to describe the engine noise during acceleration. Sorry, I haven't paid attention to the boost behavior.
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    Noise Under Quick Acceleration

    Since about few weeks back I have notice these two sounds happening on my 2020 GTI only under hard acceleration that I don't know what's causing them. One of the noises happens during quick acceleration and the car sounds like the engine revs up and down as it accelerates. The other sound...
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    Texas All Year Best Oil

    The GTI is tuned stage 2 and the weather here, must of the time is brutal. It is a daily driver 2020 GTI and it already has 10K on it. Seen and read a lot about Liqui Moly vs. VW OEM but have not seen any conclusions about the best for our type of weather.
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    Latest DP Install

    Just finished installing the Baun Performance DP. Super happy with the results. This piece is incredibly well done. Big props to Jake.! You can see on the fitment and the construction, that Jake is a perfectionist. Installation was very easy when compared to the time and effort needed to remove...
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    Exhaust Clamp Question...

    I need a quick advice. Is this type of exhaust clamp on the picture a good choice for a slip fit joint exhaust connections. I have seen them being used on butt joint style connections.
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    Alarm on Instrument Cluster

    Took the front bumper off to do some troubleshooting before visiting the dealership on Friday and it looks like the two front parking sensors on the passenger side, when both of them are disconnected, I don't get any alarm on the dash. As soon as I plugged in one of them (either one), the alarm...
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    Alarm on Instrument Cluster

    I'm waiting on a few miscellaneous items (T-Bolt Hose clamps, Upper IC Brackets) before tackling the IC replacement project
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    Alarm on Instrument Cluster

    Got an appointment this Friday.